online participation has no limits

The World Forum The Hague has launched a new way of bringing people together online, providing a new user experience which is suited to all types of events and audiences, regardless of the number of participants..

"Online Participation" involves connecting participants during an event, both in person and remotely; in this way, the event becomes both a physical and virtual encounter.

The main advantage of this solution is that there is no limit to the number of online participants.


It allows events to welcome a certain number of visitors physically, according to the government guidelines in force, while ensuring the same level of interaction and exchange for online visitors. Safety remains the key priority during our events.

Taking part in a hybrid physical and virtual event is extremely simple. A specific web page devoted to the event enables visitors to log in and immediately start discussions and organise meetings, instantly identifying who is online and who is physically present in the venue. Online visitors can participate in all the event's meetings, workshops and conferences, and an online helpdesk is available throughout the event.

This new event format goes far beyond just live-streaming the main meetings and highlights of the event; it enables all participants, exhibitors, visitors and partners to be actively involved in and contribute to the event, sharing the same experience, whether on site or remotely. It is also a great way for events to increase their visibility and impact beyond the people that physically attend the event.

Combining a physical "live" component with an "online" component is a major trend in the events market today. The new "Online Participation" solution proposed by the World Forum The Hague reflects this trend, with the main goal being to involve participants in a dynamic and interactive way. 

"Online Participation" also gives every event an international dimension and global visibility by connecting participants around the world, thus breaking down geographical barriers.


The primary concern of GL events is to ensure that the events can be organised and visitors, exhibitors and delegates can be accommodated in our venues with the best possible hygiene conditions and health security.

In its 50 venues in France and in the world, the Group have implemented health security measures and facilities to prevent Covid-19 risks.

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