We are ready to resume business

After a three-month break, GL events and all the players in the events industry are in a position to resume their business activities.

Just a few days before the French government outlines the second phase in lifting the lockdown, and notably as regards the events sector, Mr. Olivier GINON, Chairman of the GL events Group and Vice President of the French Sports Economy Committee, has announced that both he and the whole events sector (covering sports, cultural, and corporate events) are ready to restart their business activities in every region.

« In order to prepare the inter-ministerial committee on tourism on 14 May, a breakfast meeting was organised at Matignon, attended by the French Minister of Sport as well as trade and labour-relations representatives from the events sector. During the meeting, we informed the Prime Minister that we were ready to resume event activities and that we had put in place all the necessary measures to protect the health and safety of our visitors, customers and exhibitors, in collaboration with the sector's trade-association and union representatives.
We thanked the government for all their support and the stimulus measures that had been put in place, without which many of us could not have survived. We still need the support of local authorities and central administrative services, and we still need the help of our financial partners, but, above all, we need the authorisation to actually be able to provide our services to our customers, and thereby contribute to social and economic life across every region of France,» says Olivier Ginon.

We are ready, we are responsible, we are determined and we are motivated. 
Place your trust in our sector's venue managers and in our organisers of events, trade fairs and exhibitions;
Place your trust in the country's festival organisers, clubs, sports leagues and federations;

We must now work together to showcase France on the international stage in order to promote our country's values, companies, culture, gastronomy, and the exploits of our sportsmen and women.

• The sports economy: 

- 360,000 sports associations, representing 115,000 jobs,
- 112,000 companies representing €77.7 billion in turnover and 333,000 jobs,

Trade fairs, congresses and exhibitions in the economy:

- 4,200 fairs, congresses, exhibitions, 
- €7.5 billion generated in the economy,
- 120,000 jobs 


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