An innovative seat-rotation system

The Hungexpo convention centre in Budapest (Hungary) reopened its doors in September 2021 following a period of renovation work.



From now on, the venue boasts state-of-the-art facilities. This is particularly true of its plenary room, which now has an innovative seat-rotation system. Consequently, the layout of the room can be entirely adapted to the customer's needs. The seats can either be deployed or, alternatively, stored under the floor to create a wide range of different layouts. From an auditorium or cinema layout to a flat floor, the room offers an infinite range of possibilities. 

Today, Hungexpo has pre-programmed 8 layouts to meet the most common requirements. The seating space is laid out automatically and takes no more than 20 minutes, making this a quick and easy solution to implement.

Movable walls

The plenary room also has movable walls, meaning the 1,900m² of space can be divided into two or three rooms as required.

Plenary room Hungexpo