"Road trip" to San Francisco

Organised by GL events, this year's Lyon Fair will have a strong "San Francisco" flavour from 29 March to 8 April at Eurexpo. As usual, the fair will have areas devoted to the "Home" and "Shopping" with a comprehensive range of the products and services to help visitors in their home improvement projects, as well as sections devoted to gourmet food and crafts.


For the first time, the "Home" section of the Lyon Fair will give visitors the opportunity to organise a 30-minute session to discuss their project with a decorator, architect or interior designer, depending on their project. Visitors register on arrival as part of the "Rencontre un archi" (Meeting with an architect) programme.

The "Innova' Lyon" area will be back at the Lyon Fair for the third year running. This area showcases the expertise, creativity and dynamism of start-ups in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet more than thirty start-ups to test their products. People can then vote for their favourite product, as well as for most innovative, and eco-responsible concept. The winners will earn a free stand for the 2020 Lyon Fair.

The "Shopping" section allows the public to discover the latest trends each year. A special product demonstration area is installed in the "Practical Life" area. The "Fashion, Beauty and Well-being" area presents a wide range of cosmetics and wellness products as well as several services, such as massages, meetings with magnetic healers and psychics or astrologers. The "Restaurant and Gastronomy" area will tickle visitors' taste buds with a wide range of gourmet products presented on around a hundred stands.

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The CMA (Chamber of Arts and Crafts) will at the Lyon Fair to answer visitors' questions about professions in this area. The CMA will have a specific exhibition area called the "Village of Artisans". This will be divided into sections, including the "Table of Artisans" (with various events and tasting sessions), "the Gourmet Workshops" and the designers area. On Monday 1 April, a day devoted to arts and crafts will be organised with workshops and conferences on the Place des Lumières at Eurexpo.

The "Trend Lab", a new area devoted to co-working for avant-garde manufacturers and designers, will be organising workshops and "Do It Yourself" activities on subjects such as awakening the senses, eco-responsible accessories, temporary tattoos and ethically-produced clothing.

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This year's Lyon Fair will plunge visitors into "San Francisco Bay", from the gold rush to Silicon Valley. An exhibition will take visitors from the famous Cable Car to Alcatraz prison, via the chic hippie boutiques. A Flower Power area will bring together vintage fashion and furniture. Visitors can go home with a souvenir from the photo-booth on site.

The Lyon Fair is also open at night! On Friday, 29 March, to mark the first day of this event, the Fair will close its doors at 10pm.  On Tuesday 2 April, various pop and electro artists will be sharing the stage for an unforgettable concert. On Friday 5 April, a special concert will be devoted to hits from the 90s and start of the 2000s.

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