Kids Festival

From 25 to 27 october 2019 at the Sao Paulo Expo

Imagining is drawing something we can't see in our minds! And kids do that better than anyone!

For the first time in brazil a unique experience for the whole family at a special place where kids will be free to learn, have fun and let their imagination run free!

Content and learning side by side

Content and learning side by side, with the topics: creativity, games, toys, experiences, leisure, meet & greet, concerts, music, gastronomy, sports, workshops, technology, maker movement, education, culture, fables and storytelling.

Countless possibilities gathered in one place to present brands. With a variety of cultural and recreational activities, kids festival brings a new world of adventure, magic and discoveries. A program entailing content and products regarding everyday life and the imaginary universe of children and pre-teens.

Full of fun, information and unique experiences, kids festival connects different generations to create memorable moments for the whole family. All of the innovations in the children/preteen universe gathered in one single place.

A whole new way of bringing people together in large events where education, culture and conscientious consumption fit together in an unprecedented way in brazil.

an environment conducive to the exchange

With themed attractions aimed at the playful universe of children and pre-teens, the Kids Festival introduces an environment conducive to the exchange of experiences, access to information and interaction between the worlds of business, entertainment, culture and education.

The event offers 9 interactive attractions like:
-        Literature Castle
-        Family School
-        Factory Maker
-        Digital Lab
-        Picnic Court
-        Band Fest
-        Children’s Parade…

Contact : - -+55 5067-1717 | 1770