GL events draws on its expertise to help respond to the health crisis 

GL events provides responsiveness and flexibility with its range of emergency health-care solutions, drawing on its expertise in event structures and overlays.

The Group's teams are able to rapidly deploy temporary structures that are easy to transport and erect, and which can be adapted to all types of environments and terrains. The Group's structures can be used as hospitals, living quarters, decontamination areas, and can be adjusted to meet any other specific needs. These turnkey solutions include power distribution, lighting, heating and air conditioning. Different reception, work and storage areas can be laid out, according to the requirements. 

The structures are easy to transport and can be erected on all types of surfaces. GL events' teams can also design tailor-made spaces for specific needs.


GL events is mobilising all its logistical expertise and experience in receiving large numbers of people in different types of settings in order to help cope with the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic.


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