Reinforced health and safety measures for the 2020 Fair!

Strasbourg Événements, a subsidiary of GL events, confirms that the Strasbourg European Fair will take place from 4 to 14 September with reinforced health and safety measures to ensure the safety of employees, visitors, exhibitors and service providers.  For its 88th anniversary, the fair will be held on the new site of the Strasbourg Exhibition Park, on the Kieffer platform, in the same place as last year's fair, since construction work on the future Exhibition Centre has been postponed until autumn 2020.


This year's Fair will act as a symbol of economic recovery for all the exhibitors, who expect the show to boost their business. It will also symbolise the recovery of the events industry and its ecosystem, which account for thousands of jobs and hundreds of service providers in the region.

Moreover, the Fair will certainly act as a milestone, when people are once again able to get together for this traditional, popular event in a convivial atmosphere, but in a controlled environment. 

The European Fair will provide an opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of the exemplary health and safety protocol measures implemented on the basis of constructive, continuous discussions and meetings between Strasbourg Événements, the Prefecture of Bas-Rhin, the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg and the Regional Health Agency (ARS). Since the beginning of the pandemic, the GL events Group has been working on establishing an appropriate health and safety protocol, in coordination with all the requisite representative bodies and under the supervision of the Prefecture, in order to create a new event format that guarantees the safety of fairs and exhibitions in the Covid-19 era.


The 2020 Fair

The Fair is organised into three thematic areas, where visitors can find solutions for their different types of projects, or just enjoy exploring the products and services on show: Shopping, Home and Gastronomy. Exhibitors who have been attending the Fair for generations - as well as several new ones - will be presenting their best-selling products and latest additions in these three areas.

In addition, two key themes will be showcased at this year’s show:

- "Day-to-day heroes" in honour of the people and workers without whom France could not have functioned during the lockdown. Strasbourg Événements wished to take this opportunity to thank them. Consequently, the Fire-brigade, nurses, Post Office and Police Department will be present on Avenue Herrenschmitt to meet visitors. For the occasion, a mural painting will be created during the Fair.

- "Consuming local produce", an area organised by the Chamber of Agriculture representing all its trade sectors. Here, visitors will be able to meet local producers. Throughout the Fair, visitors both young and old will be able to explore the educational farm.

On Wednesday (the family day), children will be able to take part in several activities: pony rides, shearing the fur of angora rabbits, drawing competitions and many other fun activities.

A whole series of workshops, conferences and activities catering for both adults and children are programmed during the fair!


The primary concern of GL events is to ensure that the events can be organised and visitors, exhibitors and delegates can be accommodated in our venues with the best possible hygiene conditions and health security.

In its 50 venues in France and in the world, the Group have implemented health security measures and facilities to prevent Covid-19 risks.

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