16 countries, 2 tests, 10 places for the grand finale in Lyon in 2021

On October 15th and 16th , 2020, the Bocuse d’Or Europe will be held for the first time at the Saku Arena in Tallinn, Estonia, with the aim of determining the 10 nations that will earn a ticket to participate in the world grand finale to be held in Lyon in June 2021.


Estonia is still relatively little known on the international gastronomy scene. Hosting the Bocuse d’Or Europe represents a thrilling challenge and an opportunity to promote the country’s gastronomy on the European scene. In choosing the city of Tallinn, the Bocuse d’Or asserts its motivation to open up to new territories and cuisines from around the planet.

After a series of national rounds that are held in the respective countries, the Bocuse d’Or Europe is the next and penultimate stage for chefs to qualify for the grand finale and try and win the much coveted title of best chef in the world. A total of 16 participants have been selected for this 7th European edition, an event in which the teams will need to outdo themselves.

This is a unique experience for the participants who will have to call upon their excellent cooking skills and demonstrate a keen sense of aesthetics, originality, and creativity in order to convince and draw the attention of the judges. Professionalism and technical skills at their best, the participants are required to perform two separate tests in precisely 5 hours and 35 minutes.

First, a theme on a tray that highlights an emblematic product of the host country: Estonian quail. This is followed by a plated dish, for which the theme will be revealed soon.


After two days of tests, the 10 countries that have most impressed the judges will be selected to go on to grand finale.

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