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Welcome to the world of events. As an integrated Group operating in all event professions, GL events works in three major segments: event organisation, event venue management and services for fairs, congresses and events
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Think Local



With more than 90 offices worldwide, GL events provides its customers local service, with a twofold commitment to creating value and operational performance.

The Think Local programme seeks to anchor the Group's activities in the territories where it operates Whether for GL events Venues, Exhibitions or Live, the Group intervenes as a stakeholder and contributor to local life by developing partnerships with entities forming its economic, industrial, tourism and cultural fabric.



I. Venues: Strengthening the territorial coverage of sites to promote the vitality of regions
Dialogue with stakeholders - Promoting local economic and industrial development - Creation local economic value (purshasing and economic benefits from events) - Promoting destinations

II. Exhibitions: Energising professional communities and local initiatives
Stimulating networks - Local adaptation in international trade show developments

III. Live: Developing local partnerships



  • Venues: test measuring the territorial goodwill for a destination
  • Configuration of all venues within the CSR calculator or the event sector
  • Exhibitions: management changes, test approach, then active participation in the calculation work



  • Venues: implementation of the method for measuring value creation
  • Production of geographical indicators with the purchasing deparments
  • GL events Exhibitions: evaluation of 2 trade shows, tests with the tool for calculating CSR impact of our industry federation, Unimev