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Welcome to the world of events. As an integrated Group operating in all event professions, GL events works in three major segments: event organisation, event venue management and services for fairs, congresses and events
GL events


GL events Exhibitions is the Group's division for the organisation of trade shows and consumer fairs in France and other countries throughout the world.
It is positioned as a world-class player that is close to the communities it services, and in this capacity, as a specialist who understands their priorities and expectations.

The Group's trade shows cover a cross-section of major economic sectors: industry, building, culture and leisure, home and interior design, the environment, trade and retail… Within this context, strong sectors have emerged – fashion and fabrics, food industry, swimming pools… – for which the Group organises international meetings, major events for the professionals of these industries.

This broad sectoral coverage is reinforced by a geographic mix across several continents, a mix between B2B and B2C segments as well as annual and biennial, and even biannual meetings as is in the case of the fashion industry. This diversity provides the division with balanced and secure revenue streams. GL events Exhibitions' stable base of recurrent revenue gives the Group in turn a valuable mechanism for remaining on track for profitability and growth.


GL events Exhibitions' strategy is based on several lines of action:
- a positioning as an event industry reference at the heart of communities, with flagship brands and events ,
- a solid domestic base in each market ,
- strong synergies with the other Group businesses ,
- versatile and highly qualified teams, capable of innovating in terms of format and content to address new expectations and practices, particularly in developing digital services and solutions for events ,
- providing differentiation through exclusive content, as with the Bocuse d'Or within the framework of Sirha, and community management, as with Piscine Global, a forum for exhibitors to promote exchanges outside of trade shows.


France remains a solid market. This is illustrated by successes in the B2B segment like Sirha, Industrie, Première Vision Paris, CFIA, and also consumer fairs like Equita and the Lyon International Fair, Amenago Lille or the Salon des Vins et de la Gastronomie (wine and gastronomy) event of Rennes or Brest that every year attract a significant number of visitors based on attractive themes and innovative content.

In international markets, exporting trade shows leverages the strength of their brands to unlock additional potential from regional spinoffs. Reflecting this strategy, editions of Première Vision and Sirha are staged in Istanbul, an important regional hub in this part of the globe, fully equipped with quality infrastructure indispensable for successful events: an international airport, hotel capacity, an attractive destination.




  • Designing, organising and producing trade fairs designed to bring together B2B and B2C communities


  • General public
  • Enthusiasts
  • Companies
  • Industry associations
  • Institutions

Major events of 2016:

  • Première Vision Paris, New York, Istanbul
  • CFIA Rennes
  • Equita Lyon
  • The Saut Hermès International Show Jumping
  • Lyon International fair
  • Piscine Global Europe
  • Industrie Paris


In figure:

    • 380 employees
    • Revenue €165.2 M in 2017
    • 300 proprietary trade shows and events
    • 1.7M visitors*
    • 17 000 exhibitors*

* Comparable figures on a biennal basis

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