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Welcome to the world of events.
As an integrated Group operating in all event professions, GL events works in three major segments:
event organisation, event venue management and services for fairs, congresses and events.
© Odile Decq architect / Felice Varini – Altitude 150
GL events
Cannes Film Festival
For more than twenty years, GL events has been on the select guest list of the greatest film festival in the world, providing top-quality services for the event.
© Alexandra Fleurantin
Cannes Film Festival
Nuits Sonores
The 2016 Nuits Sonores are equipped by GL events Audiovisual.
© Laure Rousville
Nuits Sonores
Sao Paulo Expo inauguration
The inauguration of the expanded and renovated Sao Paulo Expo on 26 April was attended by more than 500 economic decision-makers.
© Rodrigo Lopes/
Sao Paulo Expo inauguration
COP 21
The aim of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) was to negotiate a new universal agreement on climate change, in order to maintain global warming below 2°C. GL events supplied and assembled structures for this key event, and also provided audiovisual services, fixtures and fittings for the event spaces.
© Philippe Cler
COP 21
African Games
The Live! by GL events agency was in charge of organising the spectacular closing ceremony for the African Games.
© Myli Bourigault et Pierre Le Tulzo / Live! by GL events
African Games
Video City Paris
Organised by the producers of the Golden Moustache (M6 TV channel), the Studio Bagel (Canal+ TV channel) and Mixicom, in collaboration with Live! by GL events, Vidéo City brought together around a hundred of the most popular YouTube video creators. A genuine success!
© Philippe Cler
Video City Paris
Maison de la Mutualité
The Maison de la Mutualité was the former headquarters of the French mutual insurance federation . The venue has been managed by GL events since 2010. The Group has renovated the building to return it to its former glory. Today, the venue hosts all types of events, from business meetings and exhibitions to fashion parades.
Maison de la Mutualité
This is an event that horse-riding fans look forward to every year. Organised by GL events, Equita is the largest equestrian show in France. Each year, around 3,500 horses take part in the event which attracts over 150,000 visitors.
© PSV – Jean Morel
IMF and the World Bank
The Boards of Governors of the IMF and the World Bank met in Lima (Peru) this year to establish the main priorities and focuses for the two institutions. The production of this large-scale event was entrusted to a consortium made up of GL events and the event agency Stimulus.
© Joao Socola
IMF and the World Bank
Spacious, elegant and with impeccable finishing, Absolute Triple Deck is an exceptional structure that combines robustness and aesthetics. Providing more than 25% additional interior surface area, this new events structure takes standards in excellence to a whole new level.
© Detail Ltd
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First semester 2000: a net profit of 112 million french francs

  1st semester 2000 1st semester 1999 Progression
  FF Euros % FF Euros %  
Net sales 604.0 92.1   469.7 71.6   29%
Of which at the international 142.6 21.7 23.6% 45.7 7.0 9.4%
Total of operating income 605.5 92.3 100.0% 484.0 73.8 100.0%
Operating profit 42.2 6.4 7.0% 33.2 5.1 6.9% 27%
Income before exceptional items and income taxes 39.2 6.0 6.5% 26.4 4.0 5.5% 48%
Net consolidated group profit 112.0 17.1 18.5% 13.3 2.0 2.7% 742%
Net consolidated group profit before exceptional items (including the Paris expo capital gain) 23.8 3.6 3.9% 14.1 21.1 2.9%  69%

A sustained progression of the business activity

The first semester 2000 is marked by a strong progression of the business activity : net sales show a 29% increase (28% with constant scope and exchange rate), while the operating income increases by 25%.

The operating profit increases by 9 million French Francs (1.4 million Euros) and reaches 42.2 million French Francs (6.4 million Euros) that is 7% of the operating income in line with that of the first semester 1999.

Moreover, the improved financial result (especially due to the debt reduction resulting from the sale of the Paris expo shares in February 2000) allows the income before exceptional items and income taxes to increase by more than 48%.

After exceptional items and income tax, the net consolidated group profit reaches 112.0 million French Francs (17.1 million Euros) compared to the 13.3 million French Francs (2.0 million Euros) at 30 June 1999. Not taking into account the exceptional items and tax impacts linked to them, the progression of the net consolidated group profit which reaches 23.8 million French Francs (3.6 million Euros) ? is 69% compared to the one at 30 June 1999.


Prospects for the second semester

Acquisitions announced during the first six months of the fiscal year of the companies Standard Décoration and Groupe ISF will contribute from the second semester on to the increase of the activity of Générale Location, they integrate the scope of consolidation respectively on 1 July and 1 September 2000. Likewise the integration for the company SF Protection will be subjected to the approval of the General Meeting of the 29th of September 2000.

On that occasion, in payment of the contribution of the shares of the company SF Protection (93.59 % of the brought-over capital that is 661 050 shares). the shareholders will decide on the increase of capital of Générale Location (118 989 shares). In accordance with the parity of 9 Générale Location shares for 50 SF Protection shares with an additional 447.5 Euros for 50 brought-over shares.

Générale Location is currently finalizing the acquisitions of two companies overseas. The first one located in Northern Europe will join the pole Espace & Décor. Its net sales come to 50 million French Francs in the exhibition business. The second one located in South-East Asia and specialized in audiovisual equipment and services on shows and events will bring to Générale Location an additional 10 million French Francs to its yearly net sales.

Beyond being a boost in the activity, this acquisition reinforces Générale Location presence in the Asian Pacific area.

Based on this, Générale Location confirms a favorable progression of its activity for 2000 of more than 30% .

At the time of the closing of the yearly accounts on the coming December 31, the group will indicate in its annual report a provision for retirement indemnities, which were up to today shown as off balance sheet commitment and which were estimated to be between 7 and 9 million French Francs (1.1 and 1.4 million Euros) before corresponding tax impact.


Communication: up-coming meetings

Extraordinary general meeting on 29 September 2000 at 11 a.m. at Lyon Convention Center (Palais des Congrès).

Publication of net sales for the 3rd and 4th terms on 8 November 2000 and 7 February 2001.

Publication of the 2000 results on 8 March 2001.


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