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As a leading global player in the events sector, GL events operates in the three main events markets: congresses and conventions, sporting, cultural and political events, and trade shows and consumer fairs.
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GL events
Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018
GL events, official supplier of temporary grandstand seating for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia. A total of 60,000 temporary seats were installed in thirteen venues.
Commonwealth Games   Gold Coast 2018
Matmut Stadium Inauguration
The project to renovate and modernise the Matmut Stadium in Gerland, launched by Olivier Ginon, the Chairman of GL events, highlights the Group's expertise in terms of engineering, architecture and asset management. The stadium is now home to the LOU Rugby team.
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Matmut Stadium Inauguration
Geek and Games at the Riocentro
Brazil’s largest event devoted to pop culture and video games is organised and hosted by GL events at the Riocentro, in Rio de Janeiro.
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Geek and Games at the Riocentro
Cannes Film Festival
For more than 20 years, GL events has been providing top-of-the-range, tailor-made services for one of the world's most prestigious film festivals.
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Cannes Film Festival
Equita Lyon
The Lyon Equestrian Show, organised and hosted by GL events at Eurexpo, is the largest indoor equestrian event in France.
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Equita Lyon
"Nuits Sonores" Music Festival
GL events provides the audiovisual services for this major electronic music festival!
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"Nuits Sonores" Music Festival
Sirha Green
The first trade fair devoted to ecological food-services. Organised and hosted by GL events, the event brings together the sector’s professionals to address the issues of social and environmental responsibility.
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Sirha Green
Première Vision Paris
Organised and hosted by GL events, the reference event for the fashion world was held at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris. It owes its success to its avant-garde selection, bringing together many new products, services and innovations.
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Première Vision Paris
Light Festival Lyon
GL events Audiovisual, an official partner and service provider to the Lyon Light Festival, draws on its expertise and talent for several artistic projects in various venues during this international event.
© Thierry Perre / Partners’ Club of the ‘Fête des Lumières’ / Lyon Light Festival 2017
Light Festival Lyon

4 - Ankara - Congresium center

A Perfect Venue to Meet
Meeting the expectations of top-level facilities, Ankara International Congress & Exhibition Center is fully equipped for international gatherings, exhibitions, meetings, congresses, show and all other kind of events.


Ankara, capital city of Republic of Turkey and birth city of Modern Turkey that connects the East and West world, is keeping her significance as a contemporary world city at our age.

Improvement in technology and serious investments in transportation enabling to be reached easily from all over the world, make Ankara the center of interest.

Considering perfect location that addresses to whole Turkey, Ankara holds the characteristics of being the closest center to both financial and economic potentials as well as cultural accumulation of Anatolia.

At the same time, Ankara functions as a guide for being a lot of neighbor cities' meeting and vision-sharing point.

DISCOVER ANKARA INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS WEBSITE Ankara proved its internationality as a capital city by receiving "Europe Award" based on criteria of contributing to Europe's relations to world and possessing European identity.

Ankara is embracing the future with all of these features and vision towards improvement. 

Key points

Ankara International Congress and Exhibition Center is one of the crucial basic stones of Ankara as an opening gate to the world, structured to meet the customized needs by its infrastructure and usage area of 80.490 m².
Exhibition hall area of 10.400 m² at total is making our Center to be the most appropriate choice for international exhibitions.
Magnificent and colossal are the two key terms for exhibition hall area and both take place at Ankara International Congress and Exhibition Center:

  • Dividable halls and exhibition area: 80 000 m²
  • An auditorium with a capacity of 3 107 people
  • 5 Small meeting rooms (50 m² each)
  • 5 Meeting rooms (100 m² each)
  • 2 Meeting rooms (400 m² each)
  • Dividable ball Room of 1.500 m² (possible separation into 3 parts)
  • Press Room of 400 m²
  • 1 restaurant & 1 french café
  • Another terrace of 700 m² with Ankara view
  • 2 terraces of 700 m² and 5000 m² with Ankara view, enabling various activities



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